In this detailed tutoriel, we will explain step by step how to integrate the channels of our IPTV subscription into your Hot IPTV application, providing you with an unparalleled viewing experience.

Here’s how to integrate your playlist or IPTV subscription with the HOT PLAYER application:

Configuration methodes: Xtream code / M3U

Price for Activation ( 1year ): 5,02€

Price for Activation ( unlimited ): 12,52€

— To Download HOT IPTV click HERE

1. After installing the application, open it to access the MAC address.
2. Navigate to the application’s website by clicking on this link: https://hotplayer.app/upload
3. Enter the MAC Address shown on your TV screen into the corresponding fields on the website to establish a connection with your application.

Upon establishing the connection, you’ll encounter two configuration options ( M3U Link / Xtream code ) :

1. To integrate your M3U link, follow these steps after clicking on the “Link” option:

2. To use the Xtream code option follow those steps:

To complete the process, follow these final steps:

1. Head back to your television.
2. Relaunch the HOT PLAYER application.
3. Allow the application to load, and it will display the list with the name you provided on the website during the integration process.

Application Activation for IPTV :

Hot Player extends a generous 7 day trial period to its new users, akin to offerings from IBO PLAYER, ELK PLAYER, SmartOne IPTV, SET IPTV, ROOM IPTV, TiviMate and other similar applications. Should you find the app to your liking and wish to continue using its services, you can easily obtain a license for €5.02 (1 year) or by chosing the unlimited duration for €12.52 Simply visit the website https://hotplayer.app/activation where you’ll be prompted to fill out a form for payment via card.

1. Enter Your MAC Address

2. Choose your preferred plan :

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